22 October 2014

You may not support the right...

...to own firearms. That is your choice. You may not believe in God. That is also your prerogative.

Funny, though... the first thing you progressives all do when the shit hits the fan... is call 911 to summon armed guardians. The second is you pray that they get there on time.


UPDATE: Slain Hamilton Reservist Id'd

"The Ottawa shooting victim is Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist serving in Hamilton from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment."

UPDATE2: Liberal Party of Canada prays...

...don't be Muslim, don't be Muslim... sonuvabitch!!!!

The man alleged to have murdered Cirillo is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Zehaf-Bibeau was shot dead by first responders. Some background here.


LAST WORD: So let me get this straight...

...there are bad guns and there are good guns.


Anonymous said...

Please don't politicize the murder of a Canadian Forces soldier. This is not about liberals and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Canadian homeland security sucks. 2 terrorist attacks on Harper's watch is not acceptable.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... This is not about liberals and conservatives."

when the leader of the liberal party chooses to chase votes at a mosque sympathetic to internationally recognised terrorist organisations it is nothing but political.

time for justin to jock up and decide whether he actually cares about canada.


tao_taier said...

"Islam had nothing to do with this crime".....

Funny how its "not a terrorist attack but a crime", even though the target(s) was clearly political, where as...:


It's suddenly a "vicious" 'pre-crime' to create something useful to protect yourself or another... which would of been useful that day. It took guns to take down both terrorists.

I mean, the other attacker used a car to kill his initial target, then ran at police with a knife when THAT 'weapon' flipped over into a ditch.

Whether its a Islamic fundamentalist or extremist, they don't seem particularly concerned with the means in which they carry out their acts.

And for that matter, the difference between a fundamentalist and an extremist is one of context and execution.

If Trudeau wants to examine root causes, he should read the later half of the of the Qur'an(Koran). Where the more vile things chronologically supersede the more passive pleasantries.


^"[...] the Doctrine of Abrogation is simply the result of Muhammad saying that later revelations that change the teachings supersede the earlier revelations." ~a former muslim

Rendering any peaceful passages useless. So hopefully, any Muslims who reads that, finds it liberating that they no longer have to adhere to anything that useless book has commanded them to do. Or has held over them.
Now THAT is what "Muslim Awareness Month" (~Barrack Obama) should be about.
So technically, if they all ditch Islam at once, there would be too few around fundamentalists to enforce its top over arching rule to kill ex-muslims who leave Islam.
I mean, strength in numbers and overwhelming force makes terrorism pretty useless.
Since lion can't eat an entire herd to himself in a day, let alone a month. Neither a pack of snakes.

To book end those points; if we are to assume that muslims only come in peace, or that all gun carriers are potential killers to be feared, then we are willfully ignoring context. No lib can flip that around and accurately portray reality or statistics.
I mean, "Liberals" are free to continue their religious faith in light of all this, as long as that faith doesn't translate into forcing others to follow their death cult via gun control.

On a side note:

@Anon @ 7:38 OCt 22.

It has next to nothing to do with Harper, but rather, the public service who are meant to uphold laws. Like the CSIS agent who came out praising wiki leaks...
It our secret service... its supposed to keep secrets!