22 October 2014

Now that a second Canadian soldier...

...has been murdered on Canadian soil this past week... will Justin Trudeau be stepping up his perpetual Easter Egg hunt for "root causes"?

Liberals and Dippers will no doubt be protesting, "Who could have seen this coming?"

Well, fellas... that'd be the Conservative Party of Canada.

Just last month, Public Safety minister Steven Blaney tabled his report “2014 Public Report On The Terrorist Threat To Canada” and warned “terrorism remains the leading threat to Canada’s national security.”

How prophetic those words now ring in Ottawa.

ASK A LIBERAL LEADER:halls of macadamia/Yeah, vote for Justin Trudeau. I dare you.


Anonymous said...

I'm counting the seconds till someone in the opposition screams that this is all Harper's fault for encouraging them to strike out at us.

Anonymous said...

No. Trudeau will be busy praying at the Mosque with his mooslim buddys while Harper is busy being politically correct and opening the doors to even more mooslim immigrants as not to offend any mooslims so that he will still get some of their vote from Trudeau hopefully.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah, nonny... that's what stephen harper is famous for... his adherence to political correctness.

the genius of anonymous trolls.


Anonymous said...

trudeau and his left wing supporters are a clear and present danger to the people of Canada.