07 October 2014

Homicide squad, yet again, rounding up local...

...farmers, hunters & skeet shooters... wait a minute...

Toronto police ... continue to search for at least three other suspects, a day after two male students died during a brazen daytime shooting in Etobicoke.

The double shooting happened outside of the Toronto District School Board's School of Experiential Education... at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Monday.
That's gotta be as experiential as it gets. What's so special about this particular school?

Okay, I get it now.


UPDATE: Two dead students identified
One of the victims, 17-year-old Zaid Yousif, was a student at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary near Islington Ave. and Dixon Rd., not far from where the shooting occurred.

The second victim was identified by friends as 15-year-old Michael Menjivar. He was a student at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic high school, located near Keele St. and Finch Ave.
Remember back in high school, somebody made you angry... you pulled out a gun and shot them?

Yeah... me neither.


UPDATE2: “Negatives of the community.”
Friends in Regent Park are reeling over the loss of 18-year-old Yusuf Ali, one of three teens shot dead in Toronto in a single afternoon this week.

Ali was shot to death on Sydenham Rd. near Shuter St. and Trefann St. on Monday afternoon. That same day, two teens — 15-year-old Michael Menjivar and 17-year-old Zaid Youssef — were fatally shot near a high school in Etobicoke.

The double murder comes two weeks after Hamid Aminzada, 19, was stabbed to death in a hallway at North Albion C.I. -- a school located only a few hundred metres from where Yousif's family lives.


Anonymous said...

Had to have been a farmer! Don't you realize, Neo, that since the death of the LGR that EVERYBODY in rural Canada is now packin' a crew-serviced weapon? Mortars fall CONSTANTLY in rural Canada, it's a total warzone! It's impossible to drive down a rural highway without having to manuver around heavy artillery.

Neo Conservative said...

someone worked out the numbers a while back... in canada you have a statistically insignificant chance of being killed by a legal firearm.

won't stop the naysayers from trying to take away yet another right from the citizenry.