11 October 2014

Justin Trudeau rejiggers Catholicism

And don't get him started about voting your conscience...

Women’s reproductive rights trump the freedom of Liberal members of parliament to "vote their conscience" on abortion, Justin Trudeau said.

Trudeau has said that any Liberal MP, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have to vote against any proposed legislation that could limit a woman’s right to an abortion.
Justin Trudeau claims to be a Catholic... but he not only supports abortion... he's made it a mandatory Liberal Party plank. Stop and think about that for a moment. Your Liberal MP is not allowed to consider your wishes, or even think for himself. He or she must put aside all other considerations and vote the Justin line.

Of course, that kind of thinking makes sense when you consider Justin's stated admiration of the Chinese oligarchy. I guess Justin is convinced he knows better. I'm not sure how he still considers himself Catholic. As far as I know the Catholic Church still considers abortion to be a terrible sin. Perhaps Justin has some sort of pipeline to the Pontiff that none of us mortals have access to.

Justin's unwillingness to support Canada's military action against ISIS and his outright refusal to support revoking Canadian passports of homegrown Jihadis is similarly puzzling. One could cynically chalk it up to pandering for support among the Muslim electorate... or using Occam's Razor, place it firmly at the feet of Justin's naive world view. This isn't the first time the Shiny Pony has been caught with a bagful of magical fairy dust.

Any one of these positions should be enough to set off loud warning bells. Who could possibly take a stand against voting your conscience? Oh right... somebody who thinks the Chinese Politburo is the epitome of political thought.


Anonymous said...

Harper supports abortion and whips the vote, if he allows votes. So what's the difference. Abortion will be legal under a Conservative and Liberal government.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, nonny... not true and not true again.

do you follow any sort of media reports or just make shit up wholesale?

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper sharpened his message on abortion Thursday, saying political parties have no business trying to 'impose' a position on politicians when it comes to matters of morality and personal faith."

"Harper is specifying that MPs should be permitted to follow their own conscience on “moral” issues and on those that affect their religious faith."


Neo Conservative said...

hey, nonny... let's go back a decade and see who actually believes in mps' making choices...

June 1 2004 - Paul Martin says he supports a woman's right to choose and would strongly discourage private member bills on abortion.

June 3 2004 - Stephen Harper says he would allow a free vote on abortion if an MP introduced a private member's bill. "Absolutely ... I would generally continue the practice of allowing free votes on all private member's legislation."

June 4 2004 - Layton had stated his party would not allow free votes on "matters of fundamental human rights" and had criticized Stephen Harper on that issue.

justin shiny pony has stated he would not sign the nomination papers of any liberal candidate who dares oppose his view.

doesn't sound very democratic to me.


Anonymous said...

Actually procuring a complete abortion incurs latae sententiae (meaning, automatic and not needing formal declaration) excommunication from the Church. Generally under Catholic ethics, this extends to persons providing significant material assistance to a person in procuring a complete abortion.

It's not entirely clear, or known what degree of culpability a politician who supports a pro-choice position incurs, but nevertheless, any formal cooperation in abortion, including political support is most definitely grave matter, which is the first criteria (the other two being full knowledge and full consent of the will) for mortal sin. A single mortal sin not remitted through the sacrament of confession sends a person to Hell.

Canon 915 states that a person who persists in manifest grave sin is to be refused communion. To do otherwise is an offense against the virtue of religion, a breach of the first commandment, and its self, grave matter.


Justin Trudeau's insistence that his politicians vote pro-choice in every circumstance, is almost without a doubt providing significant material support to abortion, and those looking to get one. Further, Justin has clearly demonstrated that this action has the full consent of his will, as he has been completely obstinate in this regard. His only defense against this potentially mortal sin therefore, is to plead ignorance. One is not deemed culpable if one doesn't know what they are doing is wrong. That Justin is vaguely aware that the Church doesn't approve, especially as a few bishops have been making noises that this isn't a good thing... The ignorance argument almost certainly isn't going to fly.

As such, unless Justin Trudeau is in confession every week assuming he even attends mass (doubtful), if he's taking communion, he is almost certainly committing a mortal sin every time. Also, the priest who administers communion to him is probably also committing a mortal sin by doing so.

Moreover, if he's been to confession, and not reversed his position on abortion which is causing him trouble in the eyes of the Church in the first place, then he's profaning the sacrament of confession. Confession requires a sinner to sincerely and truthfully express a desire to make amends for past wrongs.

By my count therefore, that's probably three mortal sins; obstinately supporting abortion, continuing to take the Eucharist while not being in a state of Grace, and possibly abusing the sacrament of confession by repeatedly getting invalid absolution.

Much more likely therefore, Justin Trudeau has simply left the Catholic Church, insofar as one is able.

As such, I suspect that any Catholic who votes for Justin Trudeau is committing at least a venial sin. It might rise to the level of a mortal sin. Donating to the Liberal party, ditto.

And all of this is notwithstanding any of the other pile of stupid nonsense upon which he's attempted to build a political career.

In any sane country, Justin Trudeau would be laughed out of parliament, but thanks to leftist stupidity, we must continue to endure this insufferable buffoon.

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Iggy...

bertie said...

WHY are we still allowing these coward ANONYMOUS bloggers to comment?
All they do is come into conversations and lie and spread hate without having to back up their words with a name.PM Harper allows his MP,s to follow their conscience.On the other hand Turdeau want,s his Mp,s to vote his way or else.A little like CHINA would do.Quite the opposite of what the coward ANON says.

Neo Conservative said...

bertie says... "WHY are we still allowing these coward ANONYMOUS bloggers to comment?"

because unlike the luntic left we don't censor critics... we debate them. just look how stupid nonny reveals himself to be above.

imho... the conservatives should hire a tour bus for justin and let him travel across the country saying stupid shit.

he's the gift that keeps on giving.


Anonymous said...

Catholic Church excommunicates a bunch of nuns for teaching and practicing non-Catholic doctrine--yet cannot excommunicate Trudeau. I guess somebody is paying the bishop or cardinal off. Can anyone say "indulgences"?

Neo Conservative said...

but, but, but... he's so dreamy.