29 October 2014

Ask an RCMP Commissioner

What is this "homeless" nonsense you speak of?

“The investigation is focusing on whether these interactions could have contributed or facilitated, in any way, the terrorist attack subsequently committed by Zehaf-Bibeau.”
Of course, not everyone is in agreement...
OTTAWA — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said the latest information about Zehaf Bibeau indicates that he should not be defined as a terrorist.
C'mon Tommy... even Justin Al-Trudeau isn't fighting the RCMP on this one.


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Student filmaker's gotcha moment goes horribly wrong as Canadians defend 'victim' against faked racism.

While the Canadian media unquestioningly lap up Albach's explanation that this was a "social experiment"... Pam Gellar goes with Occam's Razor...
While thousands of mourners packed a church and lined adjacent streets in industrial Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday for the funeral of the soldier shot dead in last week’s attack on the nation’s seat of government, this Muslim filmmaker tried to make it all about “islamophobia.”

Victimizing the victim, that’s his jihad. No empathy, no humanity, just victimhood and supremacism.


tao_taier said...

Let's examine the differences between motivations...

A criminal's mind is self centered and not considering much beyond what he wants.

A criminal would of only thought to attack an honor guard for his gear. As in, he wanted it for himself.

A terrorist's mind has an agenda beyond himself to force others into advancing or accepting it.
Is not thinking about wants, but causes.

A terrorist would attack an honor guard to defame the monument or send a message like "we will attack what you hold dear", for their "cause".

Where as some organized criminals are political and want control to project their perceived "powers" of influence.
Central & South American is wrought with that. And was Marxism that gave to its rise.

I see that some on the blog roll still fail to grasp the difference between criminals and terrorists.

Please consider articulating or expanding this point in a post.
I felt rushed.

Anyway, he's cuz he didn't get to go over seas to fight for ISIS(/ISIL/IS/'soon to be as relevant as dust') like his dad. Family influence as 'a cause' trumps poverty, especially on this scale.

Neo Conservative said...

the msm all say this guy was a recent convert to islam. i call bullshit.

his father was a muslim immigrant who returned to fight in libya.

let's see the kid's birth registration... my guess is the kid is listed as muslim. he left a video that no one outside of csis is allowed to see. draw your own conclusion.