24 October 2014

More Rainbows and Unicorns

Justin Trudeau, celebrated successor to the Liberal throne, ostensibly speaking for all Canadians, addressed the attack on the House of Commons and the murder of a second Canadian soldier in the space of two days without once using the words "TERRORISM" or "MURDER". Whatever else you might say about P-spawn, that boy is fleet of mouth.

Despite these omissions, the heir transparent offers up his own body and those of his band of merry social workers to solve these "acts of violence".

I’ve extended an offer of full support to the government, along with any assistance members of our party can provide at this time.
Sure thing, kiddo... you and your peeps jock up, grab a C8 and some kevlar and synch up with the Mounties at Centre Block.

Oh, right... "full support" actually means standing up during question period and assembling weaselly words into thinly disguised attacks on Stephen Harper. Sort of like your "dick joke" in support of sending Canadian air-assets to combat ISIS.

Oh yeah, that plug for Moderate Islam was one heck of a touch.
"To our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith."
Thing is, I'm guessing most Canadians would prefer to hear that sort of thing from the horse's, er... Imam's mouth. Also, not to nitpick... I don't think aberration means what you think it means.

Thre problem with your premise is that these so-called "aberrations of the faith" are daily front page news in any Islamic country I bring to mind. Every day we read about bombings and beheadings, the kidnapping of young girls, the murder and mistreatment of wives and daughters... all in the name of Allah.

These places seem less like civilised nations than really, really big gang fights. Yeah... gang fights with heavy weapons and high explosives.

Sure, people will hold up Turkey as a shining example of a civilised country, but even the Turks aren't above slaughtering thousands of Armenians or Kurds if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

The point I'm trying to make here is that we need to be doing all that we can to stop the spread of this behaviour and this violent belief system into Canada... preferably before we end up under siege... a North American Israel, if you will.

People like Justin Trudeau are telling Canadians that this sort of thing can NEVER happen here. I say only, in response to Justy's touchy-feely left-wing argle-bargle... wake-up and smell the cordite... it already has.


The gunman who staged a deadly attack Wednesday on Parliament Hill was a terrorist whose despicable crime will only harden Canada's resolve to crack down on terrorists at home and abroad, Stephen Harper says.


CRIME DU JOUR: Boko Haram strikes again


LAST WORD: Remember when being critical...

...wasn't a crime against humanity?


Lorne Russell said...

Trudeau calls them criminals? Martin Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau weren't criminals. They converted to Islam and deliberately targeted and killed Canadian soldiers. They were jihadis, warriors fighting for a cause they believed in.

In response to the Boston bombing Mr Trudeau said we had to look for "root causes". Now he calls them criminals. He seems to have difficulty wrapping his head around the fact we are fighting an ideology that hates us and wants to destroy us.

Trudeau would prefer to send humanitarian aide instead of direct military engagement alongside our allies in the battle against ISIS. He makes a juvenile joke about "whipping out our CF-18s to show how big they are". He seems incapable of using the words terrorist or Islam.

Perhaps the death of two of our own soldiers, on our own land, at the hands of recently converted Islamic jihadis will result in Mr Trudeau waking up and growing up. Our way of life is under attack and the sooner he realizes it the better.

Rich said...

Here is the second part of his statement made on the day of the shooting :-
"Mutual respect and admiration will help to prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion.

We will walk forward together, not apart."

Class act eh?....grubbing for votes the day this happens.

Anonymous said...

2 terrorist attacks on Harper's watch. Harper hid in the closet. Not Harper's finest moment.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been making laws in Canada since 2006. These terrorists attacks occurred on his watch. And yet, you make the murder of Canadian Forces soldiers into cheap shots against Trudeau. Bravo. Are you trying to get a senate appointment? Your mindless partisanship deserves to be rewarded.

NeilD said...

He also got in a mention of 'root causes'.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau never said terrorism would never happen here. Harper has shown he is a failed leader allowing 2 terrorist attacks to occur.

Anonymous said...

It's time to make Islam illegal in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

and nonny drops in here, not once, not twice... but three times... not to dispute anything i've said but to point the finger at the prime minister.

it's funny, either stephen harper is a tyrant worthy of joffrey lanister... or he's a big wimp letting terrorists in the back door.

sorry, nonny... you can't have it both ways.

maybe justin al-trudeau should make another pilgrimage to the mosque... allah seems not to be smiling on him at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Pm Harper was directed to the closet nonny. He is after all the Prime Minister, and he was targeted. The terrorist ran past many people, he had a plan.
But don't let any facts confuse you.


Neo Conservative said...

bluetech... don't take the trollbait. i allow nonny's asinine comments through simply to illustrate what a simpleton he is.

it's like justin al-trudeau's nonsensical argle-bargle... the gift that keeps on giving.


Anonymous said...

My guess is we won't see a poll for a while...the bounce off this favouring PMSH and not JT

tao_taier said...

Amazing! exact same anon 'trollies'(two or the same?) showed up to comment here:


Check my comment there regarding "BearsRant's" blog.
I link to it in a comment.

I wonder if he has taken upon himself to post on other blogs push his nonsensical narrative.

Why he is even on the blog roll, I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you bozos are Harper's base. If you are fine with 2 terrorist attacks occurring on his watch and Harper hiding in a closet then I applaud your mindless partisanship. You truly have achieved mindless devotion. Only a special few get there.

By the way, are you guys okay with gay marriage, abortion, record deficits, multiculturalism? Because you guys used to be against that until Harper threw it all away to get elected.

I don't know what you stand for except whining about liberals.

Rural and Right said...

Even the RCMP is calling the terrorist attacks "terrorism" http://www.rcmp.gc.ca/news-nouvelles/speeches-stat-discours-decl/2014/20141026-eng.htm
Also a great caricature of Justin offering hugs to the "criminals"

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... keep spewing. the way you proggies all lose your shit every time you mention the pm is a source of unending amusement.

say... when is justin al-trudeau heading back to the mosque? i wanna see that on the six o'clock news.


tao_taier said...

@Anon 2:02 pm, October 26, 2014
(aka "BearsRant")

With everything you mentioned you failed to comprehend the context and history of events as they unfolded then, just as you did with attack on the capital.

Or you were born yesterday, or came into politics long after those events occurred and shown the same disinterest in researching anything you've said.

^Other than those excuses I made for you, you're a fraud. I was pulling a Justin Trudeau in a search for root causes to your willful idiocy. Though unlike him, I'm not going to lie to myself in blatant view of an obvious conclusion.

Neo Conservative said...



tao_taier said...

That was directed at @Anon 2:02 pm, October 26, 2014.

I didn't phrase the JT root causes as I intended it to sound.
I was trying to sarcastically insult both.

@Anon 2:02 pm, October 26, 2014,

Gay marriage etc:

It was left to a free vote as a matter of conscious or constituency representation.
Wasn't worth losing political capital on a side issue that affects less than 2% of the population.

Abortion: It's not a political issue, it's a culture issue in that it doesn't take much research to discover how barbaric and unnecessary it is. And how avoidable/attainable unwanted/wanted pregnancy happens to be.


But the left is more interested in killing babies and population control.


Which is why THEY keep making it a political issue cuz they don't care about honest solutions like(but not limited to) the above link.

Record deficits:

Well who got the ball rolling on that?



Pay close attention to factors beyond the federal governments control, such as, provincial drag & debt and overspending (big gov-socialist parties), and the CRA (1977, via Jimmy Carter) induced 'Great Rescission' that triggered the stimulus budgets, which the coalition was mad over not spending a great deal MORE!

The Federal Conservatives in no way contributed to the mess that is Ontario, but the Mike Harris governments in the 90's contributed greatly to helping the Federal Libs balance their budget. All the while painfully cutting transfers to the provinces with a dull axe.
Forcing deeper cuts to healthcare and education that the Ontario PC government had to make.
And were then blamed for even though it was Paul Martin (finance minister) that caused it.
The Federal Liberals were also caught dipping into EI funds to balance deficits, illegally.

Multiculturalism push was started during the Federal Liberals. I recall a big unnatural bump in immigrants from Islamic nations.
I have no evidence to back that up other than my own anecdotal life experience during that time.

Immigration is good, just don't invite non pluralistic cultures who hate everyone cuz a book told them that their beliefs also apply against non-believers.