29 October 2014

Meet the Penis Police...

...or as I like to think of them, the Toronto Red Star Chamber... star chamber

I understand that the conventional wisdom is that most victims of sex assault don’t report, but surely to God, when they do, it should not be to a newspaper.

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Ghomeshi's public Facebook page has tripled its number of fans since his post about the allegations went up; over 100,000 people have liked this post, and nearly 50,000 have shared it.

A petition to “BAND TOGETHER AND SHOW THE CBC HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IMPACTED BY THEIR IRRATIONAL DECISION” (whatever that means) has over 4,000 signatures.
Looks like presumption of innocence still lives on.


The note, sent to CBC staff by e-mail on Tuesday afternoon, makes reference to a “continuing investigation” and says it will take into account “any new information that becomes available to us, either directly or indirectly.”

UPDATE: Anonymous no more
"He did take me by the throat and press me against the wall and choke me," actress Lucy DeCoutere said. "And he did slap me across the face a couple of times."

She doesn't recall telling him to stop but said her facial expression turned very serious and Ghomeshi was no longer violent after that. She left within an hour and saw Ghomeshi two more times that weekend, but they did not discuss the incident, and no further violent incidents occurred.

She said she had no physical marks on her body from the attack and did not seek medical attention or report it to the police, partially because she felt there were too many holes in her story.
So, now the question is... will this matter proceed to the police?


Bec said...

AS much as I despise being a employer of the CBC, this one has me supporting them.

Going to a newspaper makes perfect sense for victims who MUST remain anonymous and these ones, based on his support and following, were dead on.
Victims of abuse are generally very silent for a very long time. It's humiliating.

I guess his cheer team on FB are not interested in navigating that possibility PLUS, for me, the fact that he dove in with such a noisy lawsuit, speaks volumes. LOUD volumes.

The lawsuit will shut down the noise and intimidate the possible victims.
I happen to believe them. You cannot describe those sort of events without them happening and not wanting them to happen. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. What was up with Del Mastro and a Facebook post? This whole thing is loony tunes.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, bec... have to disagree. i have no idea whether gomeshi did these things. if he did, he should feel the full weight of the law.

anyone with a grudge can anonymously run to the newspapers and effectively destroy another person's life. we established the admittedly imperfect justice system to stop lynch mobs from stringing people up in the heat of the moment.

gomeshi should have his day in court.


tao_taier said...

@anon, 1:32 am, October 29, 2014


^"MP Dean Del Mastro states Press Gallery member blackmailed Hill staffer for sex"

Not "loony toons" as far as I can tell. Do you have any evidence to suggest something loony about that?

I didn't think Del Mastro was in anyway refering to Lisa Raitt or any other MP. "Staffer" is a fairly large category, so we can't assume who.

Neo Conservative said...

if someone has committed a crime, you report it to the police.

making anonymous allegations through the media is character-assasination at best... the cowardly hallmark of the vigilante.

it does nothing to stop the person from offending again... unlike being arrested and jailed.

and what if gomeshi is telling the truth? get everyone's testimony under oath at trial... where there are penalties for perjury.