25 October 2014

Maybe it's an ESL thing...

Dear Imam Hashmi... I don't think the words freedom and safety mean what you think they mean...

"I hope we are not going to change too much as far as our safety is concerned and as far as our freedom is concerned, but our safety was affected," said imam Sikander Hashmi from the Kanata Muslim Association on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning.
There are two people who have lost their lives to terrorist acts here (as well as many more maimed)... and none of them is Muslim. There are two terrorists who perpetrated these unspeakable acts... and both of them are. Muslim, that is.
Habib Nasrallah, a civilian member of the RCMP in Ottawa, also reached out to CBC News to share his thoughts on radicalized individuals. He wanted to make it clear Islam does not condone terrorist activity. "There are Muslims out there who are not insane, who understand Islam the way it should be understood."
Good to know, Habib. Again, I'm not sure whether there's a language barrier here, but you do understand that, using most local community standards, simply being "not insane" is setting the bar really, really low.

Always nice to get the scoop from fellows like Sikander and Habib. I'm sure the CBC has a list of acceptable go-to Muslims (no screaming beardies) that it uses for soundbites after events like the two recent attacks.

Thing is, you feel obligated to issue a press release stating that you are really not fine with violent, premeditated attacks (up to and including murder of persons you have never even met)... I'd venture you have more than a simple image problem.


Anonymous said...

You are right. I hope we can wake up all the western democracies and all democracies to the TRUTH before it is a world war.
We will not go silently without a fight.
Canadians support our troops

Neo Conservative said...

enough with the political correctness and cultural relativity, i say.

imam hashmi would impress me a little more if he came out and said muslims must stop thinking of non-believers as contemptible infidels... or if he took a stand against female genital mutilation, or condemned the suicide bombers in the middle east.

but i suspect if he did any of those things, he'd find himself without a congregation.


Thucydides said...

Or perhaps he and his friends can do a lot more to "out" radical Imans and openly shun radicalized people (not allow them in Mosques, turn them in to the police etc.

Then we would know that they truly understand such concepts as "community", tolerance, civilization and so on

Neo Conservative said...

let's define what is radical and what is moderate... then folks can decide which side they want to be on.