26 October 2014

Time for Ontarians to boycott Ford

The Ford Motor Company has been given almost 300 million dollars in taxpayer monies over the last decade...

TORONTO - The Ford Motor Co. is saying adios to plans for a new Windsor-built global engine, opting to take the investment and jobs to Mexico, the autoworkers’ union says.

The automaker apparently sought an unprecedented amount of government support to build the new global engine in Windsor.
No wonder Ontario is on the road to a Detroit-style bankruptcy. Ford put a pistol to our figurative head and when we stopped paying ransom, they pulled the trigger.

Wake up Ontario... and smell the extortion.


Anonymous said...

governments have created this, gimmie something or I leave attitude. if governments had not create onerous rules, regs and taxes companies would be here building and selling products. there is always a consequence for irresponsible actions.

Neo Conservative said...

totally agree. the incestuous relationship between government and corporate worlds is set up to take care of politicians and businessmen.

read recently that an appallingly high percentage of politicians slip right into being lobbyists after they lock in their civil service pensions. an mp only has to serve for 6 years before they get that gold-plated (7 times better than private) civil service pension.

premiere wynne's significant other is apparently a principal in a headhunting business that, surprise, surprise... deals with the government. you think anyone in government tells her, sorry, we're going with another firm.

no wonder people percieve politicians as pond scum.


Anonymous said...

Flashback to 2008:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty have announced a $4-billion aid package for Canada's struggling auto industry.

Ontario will contribute about $1.3 billion to the package and Ottawa will provide $2.7 billion.

No wonder Harper increased the federal debt by 25%. What a disgrace.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/harper-mcguinty-announce-4b-auto-bailout-package-1.353438#ixzz3HH1bodz8

Anonymous said...

How come you delete my posts? Is it because I disagree with you? That's chicken shit stuff. You coward. Put on your man pants and grow a pair.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, nonny... you're getting confused. maybe it's because you're leaving your rabid insults about stephen harper all over the conservative blogosphere.

i love posting all your "harper derangement syndrome" argle-bargle. you can smell the crazy coming off each shrill paranoid fantasy.

i don't believe you've missed commenting on a single recent post. i'm flattered i get so much of your time and attention.