11 July 2013

Why even bother with a trial?

The race-hustling media had his pelt nailed to the wall from the get-go...
blind justice?Apparently justice isn't simply blind... it's in a vegetative coma...

On March 8, 2012, the Associated Press wrote, “The neighborhood watch leader is white.” When it came out that he was not, media outlets including CNN began labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” in order to maintain the false narrative that the killing was race-based.
No real surprise there. The media has been amping up the one-sided racial narrative since day one.
CNN called legal expert Jeffrey Toobin, who said that the tape was “extremely significant” and could lead to hate crimes prosecution. When the tape was clarified, however, it turns out that Zimmerman had said it was “fucking cold.”
A man's life hangs in the balance... and the "professional journalist" community is willing to sacrifice George Zimmerman for the sake of fleeting market share.


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Obama Justice Department organised the community to support Obama's "hypothetical" son...
Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents proving that the Department of Justice played a major behind-the-scenes role in organizing protests against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012.
I swear... I'm speechless.


LAST WORD: Even left-centric icon, Slate...

...acknowledges... evidence is just not there...
"To convict Zimmerman, the prosecutors have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That hasn’t happened. And if the prosecution can’t prove its case, then Zimmerman should walk."
My guess is, if Zimmerman is acquitted... a large swath of Florida is gonna burn to the ground.


Anonymous said...

So I guess if Zimmerman is found guilty it will be OK for WHITEY Hispanics go ape shit and riot. We are all equal are we not??

Rob C

MadTrucker said...

That "white Hispanic" thing has baffled and bothered me from the get-go, but the media race-baiters and anti-Semites had to do something to save face after getting all fired up thinking the shooter was white and possibly even Jewish to ice the cake, having a name like Zimmerman.

Frankly, I think he looks entirely Hispanic, but what do I know?

It must have been devastating to all those meat-heads when they realized he was a member of a sacred minority. Does this now make Obummer a black white man or a white black man?

Neo Conservative said...

"madtrucker asks... Does this now make Obummer a black white man or a white black man?"

near as i can tell, using the media's criteria, obama's a black anglo-saxon protestant.