30 July 2013

Well, it's the multi-culti CBC...

...of course they're gonna cherrypick their images... but that doesn't mean you have to settle for Mr Rogers neighbourhood...

if you knew sammyOh yeah... that smaller picture inset is a little hard to see... let's fix that.
saint sammy**********

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...MSM begins to pull away from Beaver Cleaver narrative...

The 18-year-old had left his home in June after disagreements with his father over smoking pot and not having a steady job, friends say.

Another school friend, who asked not to be identified, said Yatim carried a knife everywhere and even bragged about owning a gun.

UPDATE: As tragic as this was...

...Sammy Yatim is the textbook definition of suicide by cop...
Audio made available to the National Post from video taken from a different angle showed this to be the moment that a male police officer appears to say: “If you take one step in this direction with that foot …[inaudible] die.

Unlike previously obscured footage of the moment Yatim was shot, the security camera footage shows him briskly moving forward to the point where he is almost in line with the driver’s cab door, before his knees buckle and he falls backwards.

UPDATE2: Again, a self-inflicted tragedy
“He stuck his arm out and the knife was sticking straight up in front of me,” Mr. Li-Hill said Tuesday. Mr. Yatim screamed at passengers not to get off the streetcar.

“I was backing up holding my bike saying, ‘Please just let us off the streetcar. Just let us off the streetcar,’” Mr. Li-Hill said.

“I was staring at his eyes and his hands the whole time … His eyes were extremely wide open, his jaw was really clenched – just sort of a crazed look. Very intense."
Sorry, OCAP... you'll just have to find another tragedy to exploit.


LAST WORD: Sick of being manipulated yet?

no more trickeryWrite, call or email your MP & MPP and protest this type of politically correct info-tainment. If you don't oppose this sort of media brainwashing, you are part of the problem.


Neo Conservative said...

"CBC News has learned that the Toronto police officer who shot Yatim has been suspended with pay."

yet another example of blatant manipulation. every time a toronto police officer is a "subject officer" in a fatal shooting he is placed on leave with full pay.

the cbc crime reporters, as incompetent as they are, cannot be unaware of this standard operating procedure... yet they report it as a breathless discovery.

wake up and smell the manipulation.