25 July 2013

If you're actually looking for answers...

...don't bother asking the unelected Premier of Ontario...orwell was right

"You know, I’m not going to comment on situations that the police really have authority to dictate. I’m not going to wade in to that."
McSlippery II.


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...you can't fob this off on the coppers... because, one, it's not their position at all, and two... the Attorney General is the guy who actually calls the shots here...
In a rare move for a police chief, OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis says he “disagrees” with a decision by the Napanee Crown attorney to not bring to trial charges against several First Nations protesters in January’s Idle No More rail blockade near Marysville.
Say, who does the AG report to?


LAST WORD: More Liberal coverup?
“What continues to concern us even more is the fact that Kathleen Wynne, who promised us openness, has promised us transparency and has promised us accountability is now putting a $3.5-million gun at our head in order to get the information she could have given us if she had not deleted her e-mails in the first place,” MacLeod told reporters.

“This could have cost taxpayers nothing. We could have actually found out the truth had she actually wanted to give it to us,” she said.

It’s estimated the cost to scrap both the Mississauga plant and the Oakville plant could reach $600 million.
Guess what, folks? It doesn't cost millions of dollars to put some backup tapes back on to a personal computer. Why is the media accepting this premise?


Thucydides said...

A pity she and McGuinty will never see the inside of a prison cell that they so richly deserve.

Neo Conservative said...

sadly, yes... the wheel is gaffed.

perhaps premier wynne's good buddy professor levin will see some justice though.