17 July 2013

Anybody asked Sophie Grégoire Trudeau...

...how she feels about Sharia law? 'Cos I'm thinking she may not be quite ready to burka up.

“I’m at that awkward stage between jail bait and cougar.”
Speaking of awkward...imam trudeau
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the guest at an Islamic Society of North America event. The organization and its Canadian branch endorse polygamy and support Sharia law in Canada.
Hmmm... that doesn't exactly dovetail with Ms. Trudeaus personal philosophy...
"I could go on and on about how there is still an imbalance between the "masculine" and the "feminine" in our society and world. Women are still being violated, trafficked, raped, beaten and deprived of their most basic human rights because of one reason: they are women."
I guess J-Glow is just a super flexible sort of guy.
Last year, Trudeau caused a stir by delivering the keynote speech at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, which listed another controversial group, IRFAN Canada, as a sponsor until days before the conference.
Yup... flexible enough to gloss over his wife's beliefs.

Hey... a vote is a vote. Right?

Maybe the wrong Trudeau got elected.


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"Last week he schmoozed with a lesbian politician and a child pornographer at a gay pride parade. This week he speaks to an Islamic conference."

"Now, that's diversity!"
Ol' Justin's more flexible than his yoga instructor wife.


Anonymous said...

Lets face it, Trud Jr is an imbecile who will whore himself out for a vote, any vote. What else to expect from the "son" of a mentally deranged Mother and a mad man for a Father. Cue the media silence.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.... I think mrs trudeau is one of those (it's ok for you but not for me) types.

Neo Conservative said...

actually, sophie comes across as the moral & intellectual powerhouse in this relationship.

even the toronto red star's richard gwynne acknowledges justins lack of intellectual prowess... ascribing to him instead, an emotional intelligence (whatever that means).

apparently, justin is willing to sell himself to any bidder... a whore of the lowest order.


Anonymous said...

and all the po'd voters will caste for him over anyone bigC

Anonymous said...

J-Glow ? How about J-Doh!