26 July 2013

Is there an app for that?

So, how do you get the word out to folks who are too poor/illiterate/isolated to even know what a porcelain pony is?poopy parade

"Apart from establishing World Toilet Day, the text also urged Member States and the United Nations system to encourage behavioural change, to introduce policies that would increase sanitation among the poor, and to accelerate progress towards attaining Millennium Development Goal 7."
I'm a little surprised there's no webisodes showing Angelina Jolie droppin' a deuce. Hey, it's all about raising awareness, right?

Maybe the mighty United Nations should start with something a little less ambitious... you know, like actually drilling holes in the ground so people don't have to drink donkey, camel, yak or any other shit-infused water.

Toilet Day, my ass. You wanna see some change, move the U.N. headquarters to Darfur.


Pissedoff said...

More and more UNO stands for United Nutters Org, and Harper is still keeping us a member. But hey he is also paying $1.3 Bill to the Crap Broadcasting Clowns