18 July 2013

There must be consequences

It's not some silly little misstep... like a career politician confusing a sleazy Chinatown whorehouse for a government licenced physiotherapy clinic...

crimes must be punished

“I can’t get into details except to say that we are taking appropriate action,” Nantel said, adding, “It’s unfortunate because he’s a very intelligent young man who made a very big mistake.”
Orwell was right... some animals are more equal than others.


Anonymous said...

An old friend used to say:

"politics is the great equalizer for people of lesser ability"

I somehow don't think they will every place a plaque on that building in Chinatown with a simple epitat "Jack was here" or "Jack popped out of the box". ;)

gerry from gta

Al the Fish said...

Reminds me of a time I went to a Chinese restaurant with a friend. His dish arrived with a glob of congealed sauce on top. He complained that he didn't order Sum Yung Guy.

Neo Conservative said...

they say puns are the lowest form of humour.