26 July 2013

I'm beginning to understand all that...

..."crime is falling" stuff I read about in the dead tree media...

"I can’t help feeling there’s something missing here. I think it’s where the punching should go. Along with the outrage, the protest, the alerting of other passengers and the summoning of police."

If only there were some kind of...tool, or device, that people could carry on their persons to help equalize them when facing larger, more aggressive individuals. Something hand-held. Perhaps with a button, or lever, which, when depressed, would either deploy or rapidly expel a sub-component that could be used to...encourage...the aggressor to seek his, or her, entertainment elsewhere.

Alas, such technology must remain in the realm of make-believe I suppose.


Ken Moore said...

As the population ages, nasty blokes get grey hair, sit around more and fail to recruit enough replacements from the shrinking supply of kids. This adds to the mysterious tool or device comment.

Neo Conservative said...

grey hair, ken? sounds like a bit of a generalisation.

if you had a son, would he look like the subway molester?

better get dancin', huh?