23 July 2013

Pursuing the McSlippery legacy...

...bankrupting Ontario in pursuit of the liberal dream...

The Drummond report also notes that while student enrollment has declined by 6% since 2003, there are 24,000 more teachers and non-teaching staff in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

If the number of teachers and non-teaching staff had declined at the same rate as enrollment, there would be 35,000 fewer education staff today.

But as Ms. Wynne tells us in her new ad, it’s her job to create more jobs.

What the people of Ontario need to understand is that the Liberal special-interest job-creation program is a good part of the reason why the province is so deeply in debt.


Anonymous said...

If we go to one school system instead of all we have now, all our kids could go to school free, right to university. But that is to easy, it is proved French only schools have not worked. I saw a report by our government that said only 14 percent of Canada are using this, the same as 10 years ago. So why are we wasting money on schools with little enrollment.

Neo Conservative said...

c'mon, let's face it... there's just no such thing as too many aboriginal jumbo jet pilots.

you should feel privileged to pay for this with your tax dollars.