05 July 2013


From the smallest acorn... springs a mighty oak...

Dear Kaitlin,

I really believe that Toronto has been quite miserly in its recognition of those good people who have worked in the shadows, avoiding well-deserved recognition of their contributions to those who have been marginalized by our often heartless society.

For example, the late Jack Layton, concerned about the rampant unemployment experienced by young immigrants in general, and young Asian females in particular, tore down many of our primitive societal barriers by frequenting a Non-Traditional Wellness Center in order to selflessly re-distribute some of our tax-dollars so that a poor immigrant girl could have, ahem, meat on her table.

In honour of Mr. Layton and all the socially progressive citizens of your great city, it is only fitting that a plaque should be erected at the very spot where this noble sacrifice occurred: 787 Dundas Street West.

Yours in solidarity, etc....
Hey, if Gawker can crowdsource bags of cash to, er... memorialise Mayor Ford... why can't folks of a conservative mindset return the favour to an enduring icon of the lunatic leftosphere?