05 July 2013

C'mon baby... who you gonna believe...

...me or yo' damn lyin' eyes?"

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On Thursday night, CBS News obtained a photo of Kerry on his boat and sent it to the State Department, asking whether they still stand by their denial that Kerry was on a boat.

The response: "Yes."
Hey, you marry the Heinz ketchup heiress, I guess you do as you darn well please.

Yachting, anyone?


UPDATE: State Department backs down


Pissedoff said...

From the comments it makes you wonder who voted for Odumbo until you realise it was the muslim brotherhood. Which he is the leader of in the US.

Neo Conservative said...

occam tells me it was the millions of politically-correct weenies who were afraid of being labelled racist if they didn't vote for the guy with the african daddy.

and john kerry? without his obscenely wealthy heiress wife, he'd be selling used cars in rural kneebone, idaho.


Anonymous said...

This the most childish form of partisan attack. You must be very proud.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whines... most childish form of partisan attack"

oh, nonny... a somewhat hypocritical comment from someone who has posted the words heil harper a couple of hundred times here on this blog. not sure whether that beats the little poems you send me about my genitalia.

so, to recap... you hang breathlessly upon my every word and, when you're not threatening to harm my child, you find something literary to criticise.

you sound a little conflicted, my friend.

get a cat, get a boyfriend, do something interesting with your life. you depend far too much on your obsession with my little corner of the world.


Frances said...

Neo - perhaps the world is safer when Kerry et al are vacationing than when they're trying to look heroic and 'presidential'

Neo Conservative said...

frances, too true... look at how much hillary helped out in benghazi.