07 September 2011

Same Planet... Different Worlds

Hobbema, Hobbema... I dunno... that sounds so familiar...

-- HOBBEMA, Alta. -- An RCMP officer says deadly violence on the Samson Cree reserve in central Alberta won't end unless residents stop supporting gang members and come forward as witnesses.
Whoa, that seems a little harsh... all those rules...hobbema heats up yet againI mean... we can't dump on these folks just because they won't kowtow to our racist anglo constructs, right?

Why shouldn't Aboriginal peoples be allowed to handle this according to their age-old traditional ways?
"They have posted both angry and sympathetic messages on the social networking site."
Hey, you've got Facebook... whaddaya need with jackbooted errand boys of the repressive state?

-- P.S. -- Just a heads-up for all my neighbours... you start shooting babies round here... I'll be 9-1-1'ing your homicidal ass before the brass hits the ground.

Sorry, bro... THAT'S MY CULTURE.


Michael said...

Nothing that a healing circle can't fix.

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see... there's this... and, oh yeah... this one... and, well... this one too.

let's face it... if these people are willing to look the other way when their own children are being slaughtered... by uh, their own children... there really isn't anything our systemically racist honkie society can do, is there?


Frances said...

Ironically, Hobema is one of the richer reserves because of oil/gas royalties. It has been hijacked by the gangs. The ones who lament the shootings are obviously unable to contain the ones doing the shootings. Unless and until the community itself rises up (and this will mean the menfolk, not just the women who are always quoted), nothing will change.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... Unless and until the community itself rises up"

rise up? their children are being murdered... and they won't talk to the police.

that's all you need to know about hobbema's moral compass.