29 September 2011

It ain't even close to democratic...

...but it's a start...

"Saudi King Abdullah has overturned a court ruling sentencing a Saudi woman to be lashed 10 times for defying the kingdom's ban on female drivers, a government official said Wednesday."

"The streets of Mecca will be filled with Arab Amy Winehouses or Paris Hiltons!"

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the capricious & unknowable will of allah


dmorris said...

I think this action by King Abdullah is a bit too radical for Saudis,he should have perhaps reduced the lashing to maybe five or six strokes,not eliminated the penalty entirely.

Once the scofflaws see this,expect more women driving,maybe even asking to work as drivers!

Nope,King Ab, slow and easy is the way to go,lest you inspire another "Arab Spring".

Good Muslim men throughout the kingdom are quaking in outrage at this very moment.

Oh,and as to women voting in four years, it might be a good idea to let them vote,then place all women's ballots in the Round File after the polls close.

Gotta keep those women in line or next thing you know,the streets of Mecca will be filled with Arab Amy Winehouses or Paris Hiltons!

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... the streets of Mecca will be filled with Arab Amy Winehouses or Paris Hiltons!"

actually, despite the fun you're having here, you've nailed this one. good king ab is caught in between a modern day rock and incipient jihad.

he has to placate both the western world and his own small but forward-looking subset of citizens... as well as the burgeoning demographic of increasingly observant homegrown fundies.

trouble is, when the one side gets pissed off, they stage a demonstration with signs & slogans... while the other side straps explosives to their children and uses them as weapons.

ab has to try move forward without setting off an islamic revolution.

that's some balancing act.


dmorris said...

"actually, despite the fun you're having here,"

neo,sometimes humour is the only way to address a subject. I knew you'd get it.

I assume King Abdullah and his cadre of supporters know their people a lot better than we do,and he probably is walking a tightrope between the moderns and the fundamentalists.

Good luck to him, we don't need another ME Country in turmoil.

Neo Conservative said...

never mind saudi arabia... what about sweden?

sharia law... coming soon, to a neighbourhood near you.


Anonymous said...

Ethical oil.com has turned you all into Saudi feminists. You've been manipulated.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... turned you all into Saudi feminists"

what does that even mean?