27 November 2010

"Saturday night's all right for..."

...well, you know.

-- TORONTO -- Five people were shot in three separate incidents across the GTA early Saturday morning in the latest spate of gunplay to rock local streets.

A steady hail of bullets has been heard across Toronto for the last couple weeks.

Though many shootings, like those Saturday morning, were non-fatal, over the span of a week ending Wednesday, four people were killed by gunfire: Tyrone Bracken, 16, Melvin Gomez, 24, William Nathanson, 19, and Carl Cole, 45.

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..."challenges AND obstacles"...
Peel Regional Police are running into some obstacles as they investigate a double shooting in Malton early Saturday morning that sent two Toronto men to hospital.

"Investigators are having a challenge getting some information from the victims," Cst. Adam Minnion said this morning.
Yes, this is obviously a case for... Officer Twitter.


Don said...

Any word on which gun club they were members of?

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, mayor david miller's enlightened initiative to shut down all the gun clubs in toronto has had no effect on urban violence at all.

"Are you feeling safer today with the eviction and closure of this pistol range? Or did you even know it was there, since nothing terrible happened there in the eight decades when it was a CN-owned property and then later when it was turned over to the municipality?"

funny how that works.