25 November 2010

You ever notice... a lot of the time...

...the comments at the Globe are way more informative than the articles themselves...stark reality


Honey Pot said...

Many sub-cultures in Canada that live like this. The comment right after the one you linked to your blog, pretty well says it all. If gang members are killing gang members no one cares.In reality they are saving the tax payer's money on lengthy court cost and keeping them incarcerated in club FED.

People go missing in Canada all the time, I figure some of them needed to go missing. If anyone looks at our justice system they realize there is no justice, and some people they just take matters into their own hands.

Norm said...

re Honeypot

I thought like that for a long time; gangsters killing gangsters = less gangsters. An interview with a NYC cop changed my mind. When the locals see gangster X killing gangster Y and the police do nothing about it, the ability of gangster X to commit murder with impunity makes gangster X a more feared person in the neighbourhood. If gangster X robs, rapes and murders a non-gangster, the locals will do nothing as they believe (quite correctly based on past actions of the cops)gangster X can do anything he wants.

Neo Conservative said...

any time a violent thug takes a fall... whether it's intramural or police induced... i'm
a happy guy, unlike, say... the liberal or ndp parties.