29 November 2010

Hope, change and...

...who's your Daddy now?

-- WASHINGTON -- "Clearly this is a difficult decision," Mr. Zients said, lauding federal workers as dedicated civil servants. "The president is clearly asking them to make a sacrifice."


Anonymous said...

Okay and what was the salary increase for the last year. Any preemptive strike by increasing the salaries ahead of time?

Neo Conservative said...

i'd be more interested in how the civil service feels about mrs o's recent multi-million dollar vacations.


Norm said...

govt pay freezes are like govt job cuts: nice PR but nothing happens.

a typical position for job x has several pay increments usually mislabeled "merit pay". an employee can go for years getting annual merit pay raises before hitting the top of the pay grade. another tactic is the position is reclassified. it was a DXL 3 but a review of the requirements and responsibilities make it a DXL 4 and volia! several more merit pay increments!