28 November 2010

Seems folks at the national broadcaster...

...have their hands on more than our wallets...get your hand off my ass

-- OTTAWA -- Canadians paid out to settle workplace harassment lawsuits at the CBC but the state broadcaster is refusing to say how much money taxpayers spent to settle the claims.

At least 30 invoices were submitted to the CBC for harassment claims in the fiscal year that ended last March.

Details on amounts paid to each firm and whether the bill was for workplace harassment, sexual harassment or another matter have also been removed.
C'mon, now people... you really think $1.1 billion in annual taxpayer subsidies, somehow makes these folks accountable?

Give yourself a shake.


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In the fiscal year ending in March 2009 — a month when 61,000 Canadians lost their jobs — the top 10 executives at CBC split a performance bonus kitty worth $888,699. The individual bonuses ranged from $4,300 at the bottom end to $165,090 at the top end, which is almost 3.5 times greater than the average Canadian salary, according to Statistics Canada.

"The mind boggles! It's like discovering that the CAW union pays their office staff minimum wage."


hunter said...

Do lefties harass lefties? It would be funny if it wasn't our tax money going down the drain. Come on CBC open your books or be flung into the cold wilderness of competing for your bucks!

Lynn said...

I'm sort of shocked by this!

CBC ,the most enlightened people on Earth, would have harassment suits filed against them!!!?

The mind boggles! It's like discovering that the CAW union pays their office staff minimum wage.


Neo Conservative said...

or, dare i say it... that david suzuki is actually a bit of a selfish, discourteous prick.


maryT said...

Have the conservatives filed any harassment cases against the CBC. If not they should. LOL