20 November 2010

Ross ain't here, man

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said the party is "sorry to lose Ross" as a candidate.

Rebagliati announced in October 2009 he would seek to run as a Liberal candidate in the B.C. Interior riding. The decision withdraw was made for "personal and family reasons," Rebagliati said in a release.

"The time has come for me to focus on new life challenges."
Geez, Ross... like what... maybe being a responsible adult human being?
He was unable to collect his mail, go shopping, or pay his taxes. "I was completely unable to function. I was in shock, actually, coming back."

He has had more ups and downs in the years since: lawsuits and money problems.
Yeah, Michael... I can see why you'd be mourning the loss of such a star candidate.


Michael Harkov said...

“I am sorry to lose Ross as a candidate, but I am thankful to have him as a friend."




LOL Somehow I just can't see Iffy and his "friend" moving in the same circles. Yeah right, Iffy, because I'm sure you have him over for team and crumpets all the time.

What a disengenuous dink.

Neo Conservative said...

well... iggy's a little short on friends these days.

maybe it isn't all that difficult to get on his a-list.


Lynn said...

RR probably dropped out because he read the letters to editors in local Papers,telling him he had a snowball's chance in Hell of beating Stockwell Day.

RR has had lots of "personal" problems in the short time he's been here,and local LPC officials probably gently suggested he rethink his ambitions.

As I said in a l-t-t-e, RR's main claim to fame is that he successfully lied about drug use to the Olympic Committee.