29 November 2010

Illustrating the Liberal "flameout"

Apparently, the higher-ups at the Globe & Mail... decided a picture of Stephen Harper being shot in the head might be a little excessive...

bias, what media biasSo they settled for immolation.
bias, what media biasFROM THE GLOBE COMMENTS:

LAST WORD: Remember the last time...

...the Globe & Mail tried to pull this kinda shit?

"So when Hanoi Jane Taber teams up with National Liberal Fund director Adam Smith... to rage against deconstruction of the 2 billion dollar "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry"... why exactly do they lead off with a picture of a prohibited assault rifle with an illegal 30 round clip?"


Fay said...

Still up there, Unbelievable!!!!

Neo Conservative said...

well, fay... it's about what we've come to expect from "hanoi jane taber"... the globe's number one iggy cheerleader.

perhaps i shouldn't be so narrow-minded... as another reader pointed out by email... jane & company could instead, simply be implying that... stephen harper is the devil.


Joanne (BLY) said...

That's really disturbing.

Neo Conservative said...

or, joanne... as they call it over at the globe & mail... "standard operating procedure.


JR said...

Immolation, Lucifer, a shot through the head, whatever, Taber and the Libs will get off on it. G&M whipping up the base.