19 November 2010

Stop... or I'll yell stop again

-- BRAMPTON, Ont. -- He insists he was just defending his property. The authorities accuse him of acting like Rambo.

And now John Hutchins is facing assault with a weapon charges for chasing down and "subduing" a young thief he caught in the act.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Both sides now...
"Basically, if we can't trust the cops to get the right perp every time, I ain't gonna put my faith in the Bubbas of this world to get it right every time either."


Chris said...

I think the chinatown decision will have worse results than this. People are going to get seriously hurt or worse.

Neo Conservative said...

to paraphrase clint eastwood...

"nothing wrong with a shooting, as long as the right people get shot."

in other words... don't do the crime, bubba.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm on the fence here, Neo.

Basically, if we can't trust the cops to get the right perp every time, I ain't gonna put my faith in the Bubbas of this world to get it right every time either.

According to Skippy Stalin (who has experience), its not just a case of "shooting the right people".

Its a case of 16 year old store clerks being asked to use physical force to stop shoplifters and getting stabbed. Just wait for it, its gonna happen.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... this one is more of an "all politics are local" deal for me.

you break into my house at 3 o'clock in the morning... i'm not gonna ask why you've got a rusty screwdriver in your hand... i'm gonna stop the threat.

if that means choosing between me & mine and you... and i'm talking about who goes in the rubber bag... well, that's a no-brainer.

and bear in mind, i'm not telling peace moonbeam how to be... or what to do.

everyone else is just gonna have to decide what's right for themselves.


Frances said...

The unmentioned problem in this situation is the total inability of police to offer real protection. Owners of small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as enough of this type of crime can destroy their livelihood and even - in some cases - cause them to lose their homes. Home burglaries have long been dismissed as merely property crimes, with their impact on the victims minimized, though this is changing. Home invasions are becoming more common, but anyone who resists effectively does so at his own peril.

The government, judiciary, and police have to re-think their attitudes towards victims and potential victims. If we can't be protected, we must be given the right to effectively protected ourselves. That being said, vigilanteeism which targets the wrong person must be severely punished.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... we must be given the right to effectively protect ourselves"

given the right?


sorry, frances... not good enough.

you take a run at me or mine... i will do whatever it takes to stop you.

you wait for somebody to give you the right to defend yourself... you will, inevitably... find yourself in a world of hurt.


Frances said...

Neo - these days we no longer have that right. I am demanding that the government, the police, and the judiciary EXPLICITLY state that we do have the right of defense of self and property and that - contrary to what we see - it has NOT been taken away.

Anyone enters our place, we'll go down fighting. Chances our we'll go down anyway, but at least we won't submit willingly.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... state that we do have the right of defense of self and property"

good luck with that, frances. unfortunately, property rights... unlike in the usa... are not enshrined in canadian law.

you're gonna need an act of parliament... and for that, you'll need a conservative majority government.

in the end, though... you're faced with a threat... to your life, loved ones or possessions... you can choose to submit... or fight back.

i know where i stand.


Pissedoff said...

"I'd like to think we have a fairly effective criminal investigations bureau," says the police spokesman. "We don't suggest people take these matters into their own hands.

You can think what you want, we don't think you are up to the job.

Josephine said...

What's a "Bubba"?

Neo Conservative said...

jo... bubba is a derogatory term like redneck.

i should also point out that "bubbas", incidentally... have been responsible for none of toronto's recent deadly urban warfare as far as i'm aware.


Peter said...

"... or fight back."

You're a delusional little twirp but good for a laugh.

Peter said...

See, I have called you a bad name and you have run away and hidden under your bed.

I win.

Josephine said...

Thanks, Neo, that's what I thought but I wanted to be sure.