26 November 2010

Live and don't learn...

...that's us...

"Here I was, an educator and great promoter of his books, looking for help with the generation he claimed was most important, but because I was not spending money (other than the $45 I spent to hear him lecture), I was waved off."
Well, Jenn... don't take it too hard. It could have been worse... just ask journalist Licia Corbella.
I approached Suzuki to get a quick quote about the importance of saving this wilderness from logging.

He was curt. "Not now," he said. Silly me, but I took that to mean later. So, a little later and a lot more sheepishly, I approached the renowned environmentalist again and again he snapped, "not now."

Shortly before I was slated to get back on the helicopter and head back to civilization to file my stories, I approached Suzuki one last time. This time he was clearer.

"Fuck off," he snapped.


Anonymous said...

From all that I have read and heard, this is a typical response from Suzuki to anyone who has the temerity to question either his science or his motives. The royal highness of the green maniacs has picked the wrong person to fight with. Ms. Corbella is the best opinion journalist in Canada today and her sharp mind and biting commentary to cut Suzuki to shreds.

Neo Conservative said...

dr zook has multiple homes AND families... and has the nerve to screech at everybody else about conservation.

plus... he's obviously a bit of a prick.

doesn't stop the cbc from kissing his ass though, does it?


maryT said...

Could have been worse, he could have been eating a cookie.