22 November 2010

Call me wacky, I'm guessing she's already...

...on the list...oh canada**********

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Striking down Canada’s polygamy law would make the country a magnet for polygamous immigrant families and open the door to societal harms resulting from the practice, a lawyer for the B.C. government said in opening remarks for a landmark case.


Kai said...

I would venture to say far less than 10 years. Look at the proliferation of honour crimes, most dramatically the honour killings. The barbarians are no longer at the gate, we let them in.

Neo Conservative said...

it isn't gonna be a public issue as long as the media is willing to gloss over it.

for instance, what canadian tv talking head said...

"Her neck was compressed, to the point she couldn't breathe."

what a coward.


Anonymous said...

Let's quit calling it 'honour' killing.'
Sharia killing.
Islamic horror.
Koran murder.
Barbarian killing

Pick one.

Honour is probably not translated in their vocabulary.


Colin said...

The door was opened wide by the gay community, once the definition of marriage was broken, there is little limit on it, no matter how the government fights it. I suspect the only way would be for the Provinces to use the “Not withstanding clause” although I not sure if that will work in this case.

Had the gays asked for only the right of civil union, then it might have been different.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm actually a little surprised someone hasn't tried to marry their german shepherd.

our modern world.