22 November 2010

Remember when you were a kid...

...the morgue kept filling up with 16 year-old kids?

-- Yeah... me neither. --

Toronto police are investigating after a 16-year-old boy was shot in the west end, Sunday.

The intersection of Dufferin and Dupont has been shut down as police investigate.

This is the second time a teenager has been shot in the city this week. On Wednesday, Tyrone Bracken, 16, was shot to death at an apartment building in North York.

UPDATE: You know things are bad...

...when even the Peace Moonbeam network acknowledges the carnage...
There were at least four separate gun incidents in Toronto over the weekend — including the city's 54th homicide and an alleged attempt to shoot a police officer.
If only there was some sort of gigantic magical database.


Anonymous said...

oh god it's now shrieking that the morgue is "filling up with kids" when a 16 year old is shot.

Neo, you're nothing short of a drama queen. It's lovely for you to display this for everyone to see.

Neo Conservative said...

two dead 16 year-old kids in the space of a week... and nonny-mouse snorts... "what's the big deal?"

gotta love that compassionate, intellectual left.


Neo Conservative said...

correction... the second 16 year-old is apparently gonna survive.

i guess for my biggest fan nonny, though... the first dead kid in any given week is deductible.

just listened to cbc radio, toronto's biggest cheerleader, trot out the shopworn cliche... "hail of bullets".

hmmm... that can't be good.


dmorris said...

Only one dead out of eight shot! If I was that bad during the hunting season,they'd laugh me outta my Fish and Game Club!

These people need some lessons in pistol shooting,too bad they closed all the Ranges.

The obvious solution to this problem in the Jane Street and Whatever intersection of the Greatest City on Earth, is to rename the street!

Change it from "Jane" to "Mandela" Street,then watch the violence subside.

Neo Conservative said...

you're looking to reduce urban handgun crime... that would be at least as effective as spending two billion taxpayer dollars... to harass farmers, duck hunters & skeet shooters.

remember... friends don't let friends vote liberal.