11 November 2010

Ottawa's Million Dollar Babies

Hmmm... I'm thinking that's roughly the combined salaries of about 20 auto workers... and, bear in mind, that doesn't include "their excellencies" regular paycheques...

Last year, Chow claimed $530,000 in expenses, Layton claimed $629,000.

Chow's sensitive, caring-for-the-average-working-stiff response when asked about her above-average expenses? "It's within the law," she told the Toronto Star curtly.
So, Olivia... what you're telling us is... you're "entitled to your entitlements?"

That sounds so familiar.
Parliamentarians -- especially those such as Chow and Layton who make such a big deal about being the voice of ordinary working Canadians -- should not be shielding their expenses behind the letter of the law. They should be leading by example by offering full disclosure of their expense records.

The Layton-Chows act more like the Duke and Duchess of Downtown Toronto.

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...why exactly do we call them "Honourable Members"?
Not only did Liberal MPs Raymonde Folco, Carolyn Bennet, Rob Oliphant, Andrew Telegdi and Tom Wappel meet with the designated terrorist group Mojahedin e Khalq, their travel costs to France was included.
Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


Anonymous said...

The Duke and Duchess of Pork.

Neo Conservative said...

over a million taxpayer dollars worth of "socialist healing" between them.

simply amazing.


maryT said...

It appears that the kitchen table jack is always talking about is missing in their apt. And it is obvious that Olivia can't cook, so why would they need said table.
Might be time for all parties to purchase a few condo bldgs and rent them out to their mps.

Pissedoff said...

The only people calling them "Honourable Members" are themselves. To me they are all scumbags including Harper and his Liberals in blue.

Frances said...

Wasn't it the Laytons who were caught living in subsidized housing, albeit paying a higher rent than the peons. That was within the law, also, but it deprived someone of the opportunity to get a decent place to live at an affordable rent.