24 November 2010

I wonder what Aqsa Parvez would say

Toronto Police has opened its doors wide to all applicants in an effort to be more representative of the communities it is serving.

In this ongoing effort, it is also seeking to enlist its first hijab-wearing officer, Superintendent Cyril Fernandes had told Focus this summer.
What exactly is the message here? More to the point... would a non-hijab wearing Muslim woman get the same consideration?
"Sorry Aisha... we're not really concerned how you feel about being a Police Officer... we just need someone who really looks the part."
I can't wait to see the musical promo for their "Officer Hip-Hop" initiative.


JR said...

Excellent point, Neo.

Neo Conservative said...

lemme try imagine how this works.

any time a muslim woman gets up the nerve to complain about domestic violence... she has to wait until the toronto police service scares up their token hijab-clad (therefore obviously uber-religious) officer to respond.

bearing in mind, there are specific koranic intructions about the "proper, accepted way" to physically chastise one's wives... what message does this police response send?

let's not even get into the islamic belief in the innate superiority of men.

hire cops... not tokens.