16 November 2010

I'm gonna go out on a limb here...

...and guess that's more money than we spend on "victim services" for a whole year...

B.C. spent more than $102-million dollars to put serial killer Robert Pickton behind bars for life.

Seventy-million dollars was spent on the RCMP investigation, including the meticulous sifting of dirt and debris on Mr. Pickton's farm – where the DNA of 26 victims was found.
Yeah... here's the thing... you had me, back at... "severed head in a bucket."


Frances said...

Neo - a lot of westerners do see Louis Riel as an early defender of western rights against an Ontario incursion. Even the Selkirk settler descendants were generally on his side in the Manitoba dispute. I read a book many years ago when researching this topic, written by someone from the Selkirk area who supported Riel.

For those whose families were here before Canada bought the area from the Hudson's Bay Company, the arrival of Canadians all ready to re-survey land their way, ignoring the traditional long, skinny, river-front lots, was threatening. Even more so was the apparent willingness of some of the 'officials' to ignore the inhabitants' claims to their homesteads because of a perceived lack of documentation.

I don't defend Riel totally, but I don't regard him as a traitor to Canada. He was the first of many to try to defend Westerners against Canadians.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... i think you meant this comment to go somewhere else.