19 November 2010

And Tommy Chong wept

So, you're saying what, bro... dope & hookers are only part of the solution?

-- AMSTERDAM -- If the idea ever becomes reality — it would be legally complicated and politically divisive — it would be the latest of the country's liberal policies to be scrapped or curtailed as the Dutch rethink the limits of their famed tolerance.

Amsterdam has resisted enforcing some of the conservative trends. For instance, it rejected a 2008 ban on marijuana cafes near schools that would have led to the closure of nearly all the bars, commonly known as "coffee shops."

But it has accepted others. In 2006, the city shut down a third of its legal brothels, saying they were a magnet for criminals.

FROM THE COMMENTS: The Socratic method...
"people fornicating and shooting people in the streets"
Yeah... thanks for that, nonny.


Anonymous said...

another hit on the bong indeed neo. Didn't you menton once you found a good deal on one in Belleville?

It is interesting how places where they've experimented with relaxed laws on pot use, don't experience the 'people fornicating and shooting people in the streets' phenomena the hard right continually shrieks everytime someone sane questions why we are wasting millions and millions on something that has quite clearly an incredible failure rate.

It's quite amazing the stupidity.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny postulates... 'people fornicating and shooting people in the streets' phenomena"

oh, nonny... still too cheap to pay for actual phone sex? i guess we don't have to ask whether you inhaled, huh?

good grief.


Chris said...

Its a tough question. I doubt there is any evidence that legalizing pot will lead to a pot smoking epidemic. I also doubt that making it 'more illegal' will stop anyone either.

Either way I would bet that the overall percentage of smokers won't change at all.

Whenever this debate sparks up, I am always thinking that pot smokers are hoping for a drastic reduction in price should their hobby become 'legal'. That makes me laugh.

There is money to be made in drugs. A bottle of CC is $3 to produce, the government kicks that up to $25

Do you honestly think a guy like McGuinty or any other politico will not be interested in another revenue stream?

Neo Conservative said...

"chris asks... a guy like McGuinty or any other politico will not be interested in another revenue stream?"

any other politico?

honestly, chris... i think this is actually more of a liberal thing.