17 November 2010

"Have a Holly-Jolly..."

...wait a minute...

"A whole corridor of the mall was cordoned off with police tape. Tristan Cox and Francis Koroma face charges, including robbery while armed with a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm and aggravated assault."
Oh, man... if only there was some sort of giant magical database.


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Regent Park is reeling after a string of shootings left three dead in as many weeks. Parents say they are afraid to let their children out after dark, even for the area’s free tutoring programs.

Police in the area started noticing an uptick in calls over the past year, but won’t say what might be driving it. “Radio calls, for sure,” are up, said Constable Joe Jaksa. “For everything.”

LAST WORD: Oops, there goes another...
A shooting at an apartment complex at 135 Neptune Drive has reportedly claimed the life of a young man.

The victim, believed to be a teen male, was pronounced dead at the scene near Bathurst and Wilson.


Pissedoff said...

Of course the the main part, their skin colour is omitted.

Neo Conservative said...

their skin colour?

what does that mean? your theory is, that... everyone with a certain skin colour is a violent psychopath?

let's stick to specifics, huh? i'm thinking the two people named in the article are violent thugs.

you good with that?


Anonymous said...

Oh, so maybe setting up that IDPA competition in Regent Park wasn't a good idea . . .

Neo Conservative said...