22 November 2010

A little "green around the gills"

Following closely on Climategate and the collapse of the carbon credit exchange... Saint Al is now sheepishly climbing down outta the ethanol tree...

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol in the United States was "not a good policy", weeks before tax credits are up for renewal.

U.S. blending tax breaks for ethanol make it profitable for refiners to use the fuel even when it is more expensive than gasoline.
Thing is, it isn't just financially and ecologically unsound... it's actually driving up the cost of food.
The U.S. ethanol industry will consume about 41 percent of the U.S. corn crop this year, or 15 percent of the global corn crop, according to Goldman Sachs analysts.

"The size, the percentage of corn particularly, which is now being (used for) first generation ethanol definitely has an impact on food prices.

"The competition with food prices is real."


jwkozak91 said...

Hey Yankees, if you wanna put food in your gas tank - grow sugar beets!

Sugar cane and sugar beets are the most efficient choice for plant-based fuel.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

So if Al likes pressure group x he's willing to starve people to death, not surprising really.

mahmood said...

And Big Al likes his groceries.

Wd Fyfe said...

There's big money in saving the planet.

Neo Conservative said...

not the first time al got caught with his pants down...


"(Voiceover) Wait a minute, that shot looks just like the one in the opening credits of 'The Day After Tomorrow'."


"Yeah, that's, that's our shot. That's a fully computer generated shot. There's nothing real in there.

yeah, karen... we know.