20 November 2010

Orwell was right

What if you called 911... and nobody came?

-- Caledonia, ON -- As then-OPP deputy commissioner Chris Lewis wrote Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer in March of 2010, there had been “a verbal agreement” among the OPP, the Haudenosaunee and the Six Nations Police that, as “an interim measure,” Six Nations “would police the DCE property, as well as the 6th and 7th Lines.”

That “interim” measure lasted one month shy of four years.

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Lynn said...

This is why I can't support Fantino as a Conservative Party,or any other Party,candidate.

He was top cop,he should have ordered the arrest of the Indians the minute they started their activism.

But he didn't because he lacked the courage to defy his political masters.I have no faith in Fantino at all, and believe he will always take the expedient way out.

Had he arrested the Indians,whether his Police career suffered or not,he'd be the greatest Canadian folk hero since Louis Riel,and probably the next Prime Minister.

But,instead, he proved himself just another little "Good German" unwilling to sacrifice HIS career for the people he was sworn to protect.

Sam Steele must be rolling in his grave seeing the cut of Police Chiefs today.


Hoarfrost said...

I would not support Fantino as a basic protest unless he comes ought with a definitive non quibbling statement. My Conservative support has limits but I would support Conservatives generally. They must realise that all politics is local. This ought to be a message to my party thyat we will not be trifled with.

Neo Conservative said...

once upon a time, i had fantino pegged as an old-fashioned, straight-up law & order guy.

i was so, so wrong.

if anything, caledonia proved fantino was merely premier mcslippery's lapdog and he should be running as a liberal.

christie blatchford nails his ass to the wall with this book. it should be required reading in any university level poli-sci curriculum.


syncrodox said...

Getting Christie's latest book accepted as poly-sci curriculum at any university in Canada would be a real feat considering the reception she received at WLU.

Anonymous said...

Fantino is poor judgment call for the Torys as a candidate for them. Not only were the residents of Caledonia upset how about every trucker who was denied the use of the new bypass bridge and had to trek miles out of their way to cross the Grand River

Then how about all the people and business dependent on the railway line they destroyed.

Drive through Caledonia today and see the private security guards still posted outside the transformer station. Think of your tax dollars paying for that. And why?

jwkozak91 said...

So, that leaves as possible right-of-centre candidates in Vaughan: Libertarian Paolo Fabrizio or Independent Leslie Bory.