12 November 2010

Oh my gawd... all those poor creatures...

...being driven into extinc... wait a minute...

-- KENORA, Ont. -- Rose Allin has had enough. It's one thing for the deer to scrounge around in her yard, eating all her flowers.

It's quite another for them to come up to the front step and ring her doorbell.

“I just wish they'd stop," she said, looking very cross.

"She should build them a basketball court."

LAST WORD: "Paging Timothy Treadwell..."


Bert said...

The doorbell issue would be easy to address. Modify the doorbell so that is would give the deer's a nasty electric shock to the nose. Hook up a camera to the whiole thing so you could enjoy the antics as well.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno, bert... i've got this rule of thumb... anything with horns, sharp teeth or claws... don't make it mad.

i'm thinkin'... shoot it.. or get used to it.


beachnut said...

She should build them a basketball court.

Neo Conservative said...

shsssshhh... if premier mcslippery hears you... we'll be in deep financial doo-doo.


Anonymous said...

The deer are getting ready for Christmas deliveries. It's better than coming down chimneys.

Patsplace said...

Invite them in for dinner.