27 November 2010

Is "Gross National Happiness" an idea...

...whose time has come?

"A study conducted by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards has concluded what many Canadians have long believed: That Toronto is the most miserable city in the country."
Hey... what's not to love?


FROM THE COMMENTS: My best buddy Nonny...

...in his daily rant... (thank you comment moderation)... shrieks that he too can get doggie treats at his local Starbucks... and that I am "twisted and paranoid."

Well, case closed.


Josephine said...

I was just telling my husband last night that I still long to return to my much-smaller hometown.

Toronto has never felt like home to me.

Neo Conservative said...

you have to experience a small town to actually appreciate the differences... where, for example... the local librarian orders in books based on patron recommendations, the postmistress has a ready supply of doggie treats... and your neighbours jump in to offer any assistance you might need.

i'm never goin' back to tranna.