02 November 2010

Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton...

...still searching for the pulse of the nation...

More than two-thirds of respondents in the survey or 69% said that “Khadr probably is guilty and this plea bargain is too generous, and that the Canadian government was right not to have offered him any assistance up to this point.”

The opposition parties have all been calling for Khadr’s repatriation, noting that he was a child soldier at the time of the crimes.

UPDATE: Undermined by the bureaucracy?
The deal appears to have been sealed while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was travelling in Europe and there is the suggestion that foreign affairs officials used this time to offer and accept more than Harper was willing to.

Diplomatic notes were exchanged with the Americans on October 23rd in the middle of Harper’s trip to Switzerland and the Ukraine.


You won't actually have to wade through the dozen hysterical, fulminating rants... (thank you comment moderation)... but my own personal troll has gone absolutely apeshit about the Khadr decision. Surprisingly... he's not celebrating the fact that Khadr is apparently returning to Canada at some point... but that Stephen Harper has betrayed Canadians by not blocking the transfer.

I would have thought that Nonny would be dancing a jig that things have gone his (and Iggy's & Jacko's) way... but apparently this is not the case. It's simply... as per his previous modus operandi... all about the devil-spawn neo-cons... and, what's this... a plug for Canadian Cynic's twitter feed.

And despite the fact that none of his frothing moonbattery has been published here for the last couple of months... he apparently just can't shut off the tap.

I can't wait to see what happens when President McDreamy gets his spanking tonight.


LAST WORD: So when Omar Khadr...

...gets out of jail next year... will he be going to college with your kids?
-- BAGHDAD -- Sixteen bombs went off across Iraq's capital on Tuesday, many at restaurants and coffee shops full of civilians. The death toll climbed to 76 in the first hours following the blasts, but that number could keep rising as rescuers comb through the debris.


Anonymous said...

neo, unfortunately you'd better check out some of the blogs on Blogging Tories.

There are some supposedly "conservative" blogs that are calling for that pus-bag to come back to Canada where he will walk free on the streets.

Neo Conservative said...

haven't seen them myself... but you should remember this is still a free country... and people do get to make their own choices.

i don't agree with everything someone says, simply because they say they are conservative. nor do i expect everyone else to walk in lockstep with me.

you have to live behind your own eyes.


Anonymous said...

2 words.

"General Population"

Give Omar his cell in Kingston and turn him loose in the exercise yard on a daily basis.


oxygentax said...

This is an example of partisanship being applied incorrectly.

You don't have to be a Lib or a Dip (Green, Bloc, what have you) to want Mr. Khadr back.

Correction... you don't have to be those affiliations to want to see a Canadian, as Mr. Khadr has been portrayed, treated properly.

Of course, Conservatives have a different view of what "properly" means, but that's another story.

Neo Conservative said...

technicalities aside... omar is about as canadian as sirhan sirhan. we are applying the letter of the law... rather than the spirit.

one word... treason.

as far as i'm concerned, he deserves the 40 years in supermax.


BDFT said...

Actually, he deserves a single 9mm round in the back of the head, or 5.56 if you prefer. But that would be unCanadian.