04 June 2010

Yeah... that fits, doesn't it?

"In yet another nod to the protection of fledgling self-esteem, an Ottawa children’s soccer league has introduced a rule that says any team that wins a game by more than five points will lose by default."

"The rule replaces its five-point mercy regulation, whereby any points scored beyond a five-point differential would not be registered." --
Soccer...isn't that the game where guys bump into each other... fall down... and scream like little babies?

Hmmm... here's a thought... if Michael Ignatieff falls far enough behind in the polls... do we have to crown him King of Canada?


P.S. -- Don't miss the comments @ the National Post... I think the "league organisers" are gonna have to enter the witness protection program.


Alex said...

hehehe. A smart goalie would score on himself five times and win.

Neo Conservative said...

a smart parent would enroll his kid in some other sport.


tao_taier said...

Losing a game isn't the worst thing in the world even if its by a lot. Plus it builds character to be able to handle a big loss.
If a kid cries about it then theres something wrong with his perspective on things and not the game. A kid's confidence shouldn't be riding so solely on weather their team wins or not or by how much.

It's really not fair to the teams who have put in the practice and trained to be held back or have their confidence capped for the sake of others who are uninterested in competing at the same level.

I only cared about winning or losing when it seemed appropriate. I was more focused on performing well and improving for the next game. Big wins and big losses are all part of the game and building realistic expectations.

Better to lose early in life and see that you aren't very good at some sport then to have a false belief in your abilities leading you to pursue something that doesn't fit your true potential or that you don't enjoy when the going gets tough.

Same applies to real work and finding a career.

Why set them up to fail?
Better yet, bring in paint ball to schools and let kids vent properly.

Why paintball? Precisely because its aggressive and far less dangerous than football or even soccer.

Myself and another student helped arrange for a school paint ball trip when I was on student counsel in high school.

Went well. The "bullies" (hate the word, just call them jerks-asses) who were typical a bunch of assholes (our school got the ones no other wanted) handled themselves well without issue. Even walked back to school in through a crappy area without them heckling anyone.

Only one guy got hit bad in the back of his neck but was fine.
If that's an issue, simply don't make it CQB. Else use only low velocity markers.

Oh, and I got it pretty bad from my brother for "borrowing" his winter combat fatigues without his permission and getting them drenched in mud-ish puddles.

Wouldn't you know it, it helped people bond little and get along even without supervision. And no school shootings.

Tension release indeed.
Speaking as the guy who got pummeled with hits at one point because they crept around us in mass. Too many all at once at close range. I got overwhelmed. =]

Only hurt in a adrenaline pumping way. Something most sissy liberals never understand, let alone experience.

tao_taier said...

Let's rephrase for a moment, shall we:

"If [the opposition parties] fail to win an election... "

Should we grant them automatic governance as a coalition?

Neo Conservative said...

only played paintball once in my life... but it was a rush... and yes... a real team-bonding experience.

fwiw... my then girlfriend snuck up behind me and shot me point-blank in the back of the head... and no... that's not the present-day mrs neo.

funny... you don't see all those immigrant parents telling their kids to back off and be less competitive... especially in regards to post-secondary education.

take a look at any contemporary graduating medical, engineering or law school class... coming from less fortunate countries (yeah, racist, racist!!!) just seems to sharpen that "eye of the tiger".

these folks want to get ahead.

the lesson here is... without actual healthy competition our kids will be lost forever in mediocrity.


Anne in sw ON said...

Sounds a lot like the way schools are pressured to 'promote' little Johnny from grade to grade to grade no matter how little he accomplishes or how little effort he expends. Very progressive, indeed!