21 June 2010

A Spoonful of Bullshit

halls of macadamia/

"Entitled 'strong medicine,' the 60-second television spot will run until the tax comes into effect."
You have to give Dalton his due... at least he kept half a promise...
"Liberal strategists clearly decided from the outset that, to minimize the HST’s negative impact on their fortunes, the best defence is a good offence."

"So rather than act as if they have something to apologize for, they’ve bent over backward to convey that the reform is something they’re proud of."
Fees for OHIP... more taxes... who couldn't get behind that?

Besides... without Joe Lunchbucket subsidising the McSlippery agenda... where's all that progressia gonna come from?
"My doctor asked for a cancer screening lab test at my latest medical. Not covered by OHIP, but sex change operations are?"

"Does OHIP have enough money for one and not the other?"
Hmmm... that's sure what this sounds like.


halls of macadamia/


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