28 June 2010

More interminable boo-freakin-hoo

smelly hippy wannabesWell, lemme see... there's still Starbucks, your welfare cheque... the love & admiration of your lesbian support group...

I don't remember actual hippies being such a bunch of whiners... back in the day, you just took your lumps and wore it as a badge of honour.

C'mon mommy... break out the bubble-wrap.


Anonymous said...

just wondering how you determined from this photo that the woman pictured is on welfare and a lesbian? maybe she gets her coffee from tim's. who the fuck died and made you god?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny screams... made you god?"

well, gomer... as long as you're taking absolutely everything i say for the gospel truth... i guess that'd be, uh... you.


mahmood said...

Betcha the young lady comes outfitted with Che Guevara bloomers...smelly Che Guevara bloomers.

Frances said...

Nonny - the problem is too many people are screaming about their 'rights' but too few are worrying about the concomitant responsibilities; they expect the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... save your breath... nonny doesn't want a dialogue... this is about screaming insults and trying to disrupt conversations.