18 June 2010

Maybe a couple unscripted years...

...being somebody's personal cigarette bitch at Millhaven... will teach these guys some valuable life-lessons about anarchy...
halls of macadamia/Yessirree... idiots, explosives & falling anvils...

Police arrested Claude Frederic Haridge, 50, on his way to work near Hunt Club Road Friday.

Roger Clement, 58, was also arrested and faces arson charges. Clement is a retired public servant, whose last job was at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Matthew Morgan Brown, the youngest of the trio, and believed to be in his early 30s.
Happy trails, you morons.


liberal supporter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you didn't get the hint when i deleted a dozen of your idiotic comments about another commenter being a "child abuser" just the other day?

and that other paranoid stuff... i mean, seriously?

it's not that i'm not a people person... i'm just not a stupid people person.

you don't get to comment here anymore.

-- deleted, yet again --


Anonymous said...

This lieberal supporter clown has to have the brains of a claw hammer when it come to not catching on the the message you keep sending to him.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

well, rob... i think poor little libby is one lonely guy... i mean, i'm obviously way more important to him than he is to me.

feel free though, to go visit troll-boy at his compassionate, intellectual web home any time you feel like a chat.

i'm sure he'd love to have some friends.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob a claw hammer is useful.