19 June 2010

Those damn knuckle-draggin' neocon...

...wait a minute... this was the peaceniks?

-- OTTAWA -- Cops seized military-grade sniper ammo during the investigation into a trio of anarchists charged in the firebombing of a Glebe RBC branch.

A cache of 50-calibre and 7.62-calibre ammunition was discovered by police along with incendiary materials.
I wonder if CUPE or PSAC is gonna be kickin' in for a lawyer...
Clement is a retired public servant, whose last job was at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
Or maybe they're just too busy defending the good ol' boys in Hamas.

No worries though... there's alway Legal Aid.


UPDATE 16:45: Not .50 cal after all
"Editor's Note: This story originally reported the Ottawa Police statement that 'sniper-style' ammunition had been seized. They have since corrected the statement, saying the 7.62 ammunition was stored in box with 50 caliber markings."
Well... that's a relief.


Frances said...

Look at their ages - can we blame this on manopause?

Honey Pot said...

any left wing bloggers MIA? I got this feeling we know the guy. Apparently he is a big time Jew-hater. Would fit the profile of a left wing blogger.

Honey Pot said...

That is a good for at least $50,000.00 on the secruity tab of the G-20. Caught 3 of them before they could do any dammage. You know there are many more on the left that are planning an event for the G-20.The retard Syd Ryan telling people to bring their children, probably so he can hide behind them when the bullets start flying. What a fuckwit.

Honey Pot said...


Wow read this, hahaha, he was teaching a leftward activism/Jew-hating course at the University Of Ottawa and the dean told him to fuck off and he had his ass kicked to the curb.

Apparently old stinky lefty hippie prof's when kicked out of their comfy teaching jobs take to blowing up banks.

The funniest thing I read was some manager of the Bank Of Canada stating how much he enjoyed the bank bombers class, and wanted the bomber to remain teaching Canadian youngster's to hate Jews and blow up banks.

I haven't read the whole thing, but I am looking for a link between the ndp and the Jew-hating bomber.

Neo Conservative said...

if the police report is correct and they were stockpiling .50 cal... that's some serious shit.

that's a round used to tear up armoured vehicles... it's also used in big-ass sniper rifles
like the barrett or the mcmillan.


Neo Conservative said...

correction: cops eat previous statement about .50 calibre ammo.

-- main post updated --


Honey Pot said...


these guys sound like nice gentle leftards.

Honey Pot said...

Getting closer to Libby and the ndp every minute. Who is the editor of rabble.ca?

Yes everyone please show up to protest and support the activist, easier for the cops to keep an eye on you at the G-20.


..Freedom 55
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[Please forward to friends and allies]


Saturday, June 19th
9:00 a.m.
Courtroom #6, Ottawa Courthouse
Elgin @ Laurier

Three people arrested in relation to Ottawa RBC Firebombing

On the morning of Friday, June 18th, 2010, three people were arrested in connection with the May 18th firebombing of an RBC branch in Ottawa. At least two of the people arrested were picked up by plainclothes officers. The police have been searching their homes. Plainclothes and uniformed officers were seen going inside their homes, and police cars were seen parked outside. It is not known what they are being charged with, although media outlets have indicated they will all be charged with arson related offenses.

Until we are able to confirm further details, we won’t be releasing the names of the 3 arrestees. But the arrested individuals are all well known, dedicated public organizers committed to working for justice on a variety of issues.

Please come out tomorrow morning to show your support for these three arrested individuals. We are concerned that the Crown may ask for highly restrictive bail conditions or attempt to prevent their release entirely.

More updates will follow, as details emerge. Right now, the most tangible way you can support these individuals is to join us at:

Saturday, June 19th,
Elgin Courthouse (Elgin & Laurier)
Courtroom #6

For media inquiries, contact: 613-304-8770 or ottawamovementdefense@gmail.com

syncrodox said...


Some questions and a couple of thoughts.

Your post quotes info on Clemment and his links to CIDA. There is no such info on the link provided. Has this been edited out of the original or were you using a different source?

Honey Pot

I followed your link to the rabble(havn't read anything on that site for some time) and note the organizational inferences. The pdf document I am having troubles loading, could you give a brief overview?

CTV is reporting that Lawrence Greenspon is representing Clement, on a Saturday, in June, on what one would assume was short notice.


As Artie Johnson would say from the weeds...Vewy Interestink


Anonymous said...

7.62 is the same as .308 Winchester, a popular deer hunting calibre. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed how the Activists that care so much about the poor and demand more money go to Social issue while these same thugs costs millions in security which could have gone to buying shoes and food for children at the Schools with breakfest clubs or can see who need help.
Truely a sick and twisted perception of justice,kinda like abusers that beat-up a spouse because thye fear a future attack and must act early,they also want to punish the person for allegeing they aren't Peaceful.
Hmmmmmmm,that sounds more like Muhammed and islam that the G20/8 anarchists

Neo Conservative said...

sync... your link to cida is here.


Neo Conservative said...

"franks says... 7.62 is the same as .308 Winchester, a popular deer hunting calibre."

well, frank... just like .223, the round that goes in nato military rifles is what i use in my ruger varmint rifle... 7.62 is a nato standard round.

thus the msm gets to scream about evil firearms... not the nutjobs who firebombed the bank.

funny how that works, huh?


syncrodox said...

Thanks Neo.

Quite the country we live in eh? Retired civil servants cum anarchists, branches of the national broadcaster chock full of separatists and a leftarded media whose biggest concern is how a right leaning TV news network is going to poison our political discourse.

Fucking beautiful.