25 June 2010

Oh-so-enlightened Euroweenies...

...dump "My Two Dads" on their collective asses...

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that countries are not obliged to allow gay marriage, rejecting a bid by an Austrian couple to force the state to let them wed.

A panel of seven judges ruled unanimously Thursday that the couple was not covered by the guarantee of the right to marry in Europe's human rights convention.
I'm looking forward to the inevitable hysterical screamfest... "Queers against Continental Apartheid."

Or do these guys only target Jews?
It would seem that city officials have also done an about-face. It came little more than a week after the city handed Pride their $123,807 grant cheque — on good faith that any groups violating the city’s anti-discrimination policy would not be allowed to march this year.

The city’s diversity manager Ceta Ramkhalawansingh indicated a month ago that Pride may be in violation of the city’s anti-discrimination policy for allowing QuAIA to march in the parade.

But on Friday she sent the Toronto Sun an e-mail indicating Pride has put “new procedures” in place that ask all participants to sign an anti-discrimination declaration.
What do you suppose a "diversity manager" gets paid?

More to the point... why isn't anybody protesting Dutch apartheid?
The new anti-Semitism is sometimes hard to keep up with.

Or, if you’re a Muslim, and you assault a Jew who is actually a Jew, that’s kind of bad, but if you assault a Jew who turns out to be a decoyeven though you thought he was a Jew — that’s not so bad, because you were tricked . . . or something.
I'm so confused.


L said...

I am all for gay secular rights, but can they not just keep all the rest of it out of sight? Go "marry" on a hill with friends and have fun. Gay parents are not typical, so don't lie to my children. I am tired of gay causes, parades and green detergent too. PS: I do not want to see gays kissing on TV. Put it all in xxx.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta confess... that annual taxpayer-subsidised naked parade deal leaves me feeling a little uneasy... maybe shoving shit down people's throats isn't always the best way to make your case.

and that whole drugs & promiscuity thing seems to have boomeranged a little on the gay community as well.

maybe it's time for some of these folks to grow up and try a little accommodation themselves?


Rural and Right said...

Horst and Johann do have the right to get married ... each to a woman.