04 June 2010

Once again... the magical healing power...

...of "the people's" music...

-- "Slap a white boy, snuff your landlord, smash some windows, rob the corner store, bomb the precinct." --

The lyrics in the song Fuck the Law by Dead Prez pulsate as the soundtrack to a video posted on YouTube Thursday highlights some of Toronto’s most precious landmarks and treasures.

On www.clac2010.net, which is credited at the end of the video, you will find the Convergence Des Luttes Anticapitalistes site with the heading “ATTACK THE G20 — TORONTO, JUNE 25-26-27, 2010” and describing itself as “a new anti-capitalist alliance” calling “for mobilization against the Group of 20.”

Writing he did not make the video but simply posted it, anti-globalization activist Jaggi Singh tweeted “targeting the Hockey Hall of Fame? Montrealers want to visit the Hall to see all the Stanley Cups they’ve won.”
Suddenly, all that money spent on security starts to seem a little less frivolous.


FROM THE COMMENTS: From the "no shit" files
"Interesting bit from Instapundit: there was no looting during or after the floods in Tennessee."
Just another one of life's little mysteries, huh?


Greg said...

Maybe we should just round up all the anarchists and kill them. I mean they don't believe in the rule of law, it would be the height of hypocrisy for them to object wouldn't it?

To the lurker left nuts out there, yes I'm being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Well, its the old "use too much security, and you're a fascist, use too little, and its your fault for the riot because you didn't use enough" gambit by the usual whiners.

Funny, if anyone other than an anarchist posted a target, then "redecorated" it, it would give the prosecution pretty much an open and shut case.

But I guess we live in a world when bombing a bank is free speech, anything is possible.

Neo Conservative said...

"greg says... round up all the anarchists and kill them (/sarc)"

well... that seems to be what these particular "activists" are advocating for all us evil capitalists, isn't it?

hey, somebody remind me... what is the penalty that most goverments traditionally use against looters?

and, no dr dawg... i'm not talking about "time out".


Anonymous said...

Interesting bit from Instapundit: there was no looting during or after the floods in Tennessee...

Anonymous said...

Oh, those wacky Hip-Hop guys!, what'll they do next, join the Taliban?


Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... no looting during or after the floods in Tennessee"

yeah, funny thing that.

one of my brothers spent some time working down in nashville... those boys take their rights... "freedom of speech, property, right to bear arms"... fairly seriously.

let's just say... you do not wanna be caught climbing in somebody's window in the middle of the night.

and anarchists beware... two words... tar... feathers.


langmann said...

There probably wasn't much looting in New Orleans (N'Orleins for those of you who are from). But whatever it took for the MSM to make BushOilHitlerJesus look bad and to make the sheep and chicken littles cluck while watching CNN/MSNBC.

Funny also how no-one wanted to report about Nashville and the oil in the Gulf is all BP's fault too.

As for the anarchists, I believe the statements in the music are direct threats to the lives of certain people. Called uttering threats. In the US doing that against the president usually ends up netting you a fun trip to psychiatric assessment. Here I guess you get a medal for it, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a kiddy porn collector could use the Jaggi Singh defense "...he did not make the video but simply posted it"?

Nah. That would be applying the law equally, and we can't have THAT, can we?

This is just like Warman's grin and statement that he was absolutely NOT (giggle) condoning violence when he spoke of "maximum disruption"...nudge nudge, wink wink.

Or, as they used to say to Les Nessman, "don't tell anyone...and don't tell anyone REAL SOON...".

oxygentax said...

Isn't it a little hypocritical to use the fruits of capitalism in order to spread your anti-capitalist message?