15 June 2010

Scratch a Liberal... find a...

...well, you know...

-- BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Premier Gordon Campbell’s chief of staff said Tuesday he could think of no good reason why Patrick Kinsella was hired as a well-paid consultant by BC Rail just four months after Mr. Kinsella co-chaired the Liberals’ successful election campaign in 2001.

“I would have asked ‘why?’ because I don’t know what value he would bring to BC Rail and the optics are not good. Unless there was a reason that was publicly explainable, certainly it wouldn’t be good optics.”

Documents released before the current trial began have disclosed that Mr. Kinsella, co-chair of the 2001 Liberal election campaign with former MLA Christy Clark, was paid $6,000-$7,000 a month by BC Rail for consulting work.
Nice work if you can get it, huh Gordo?


jwkozak91 said...

Two points:

1.) The Lying Jackal ran as a Grit in North Vancouver in 1997. I think Patrick is related to him.

2.) Go BC Conservatives! http://www.bcconservative.com

Brendan Kane said...

Pat Kinsella came from the PC Party
No relation to Warren

Neo Conservative said...

sorry brendan... kinsella, much like his ontario namesake... and, say... one-time conservative of convenience buh-linda stronach... obviously sells himself to the highest bidder.. in this case liberal premier gordon campbell.

and he apparently doesn't come cheaply either.

you wanna try blame this on mike harris? sorry, no sale.

this one's on gordo.