26 June 2010

Yeah, what idiot spent all that money...

...on dealing with a non-existent... wait a minute...

tase them now**********


"Sarkozy says that he can provide the same protection for one tenth of the cost."
Yeah, lemme see... World War I, World War II, Vietnam... let's take strategic counsel from the "land of perpetual surrender".


Anonymous said...

So the CBC reports on the protests.
And what is their fair and unbalanced coverage?
They move the freaking goal post.

To paraphrase:
Wow, some stuff happened.
Looks like that billion dollar boondoggle criticism was over blown.
Sarkozy says that he can provide the same protection for one tenth of the cost even though he doesn't know how much it costs.
And why did the Harper government choose to hold this summit in downtown Toronto?
So, first it's the money.
The money evaporates when responsible preparation works.
Prior to that it was the fake lake which the media beneficiaries agree is not so bad once they see it.

And now that expected violence came, they are spinning the story as to how irresponsible it was to showcase Canada's largest city for a G20 summit.

Sarkozy can't even ensure the integrity of vehicles in his capital city.
Of course it's gonna cost him less.
And the thousands of cars burnt in Paris show it.
He doesn't care about security.

Stephen Harper does.

Pissedoff said...

All the French twit will do is cancal all banquets and celebrations.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing those thugs in Black were the Hamas yahoos testing the system for the Islamists Conference in Toronto next week where the Jew-hating/gay-bash thugs plan to work out on how to make canada a Caliphate run by Shariah.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd love to go down there and wait for the first puk to break a window or assault the cops. I'm 5'10" 240 and will pound the crap out of those idiots. Watch how fast they cry to the police to help them. The morons don't get it, if the complain they have to fill out a form against me, this will prove who they are.

Anonymous said...

i'm not 240lb but i agree with pounding the crap out of them.

Anonymous said...
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Babylonian777 said...

Wow, I have a hard time imagining your form. I will say this, with that height, and that weight, you're not easily moveable. It's phenominal what a weight advantage can do. (be it fat or muscle, especially if you're bottom heavy)

Anyhow, I am with 32 Brigade, 5'11 and 170 lbs, and just putting on my uniform makes people shocked when they see me, I can't explain it. Now, God bless those police for the work they have done, but this COULD have been WAYYYYYYYYY cheaper if the Canadian forces were mobilzed. We could come in with our military trucks, sleep outside in the elements, we don't get special pay or anything like that, we eat IMP's (Individual Meal Packs, a.k.a.- rations)the population is not use to seeing the forces as much as a police officer, and our marching alone can make those fools crap their pants.

This would be effective with a local amount of Mounted Police/RCMP, I mean wow, when those horses started moving in, I never seen a group of people scatter from such an area so fast.

It's the damn Toronto politics though, Harper wouldn't be stupid enough to exclusively send the Armed Forces into Toronto.

If the liberals did this, you wouldn't hear a peep out these Torontonians, they would be so happy, you know, "A chance to show the world that we are a world class city!" Only when Harper does it they "loose" their marbles. Pun intended.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, nonny... you have something to add to the conversation... knock yourself out. insulting other commenters is just lame.

take your insults somewhere else.

-- deleted

as far as these "activists" are concerned... this was looting, plain and simple.

find 'em, tase 'em... put 'em in a box.


BDFT said...

Using the army would really give the CBC something to squeal about.
As far as most people in the Canada are concerned, Toronto could burn to the ground and we'd be dancing in the streets.

Rural and Right said...

I have some Rural style suggestions to control and/or disperse the left wing activists and anarchists that are causing damage in Toronto.

1. Spray the protesters with honey and release a few hungry black bears into the angry mob.

2. Release a heard of skunks into the mob for that 'eau natural' crowd control effect.

3. Catapult paper bags containing wasp or hornet nests in the mob.

4. Go thug fishing and catch and release em' in Iran or North Korea.

Neo Conservative said...

"bdft says... Toronto could burn to the ground and we'd be dancing in the streets."

kate at sda said it best...

"Any city that stands aside to photograph itself burning - deserves to."


Anne in sw ON said...

John Northcott of the CBC is reporting outside the detention centre in Toronto wearing, wait for it... a BLACK SHIRT. What is his garb suggesting to viewers?

maryT said...

Another cbc guy was stopped and searched downtown. And, he is wearing a blackshirt.
The cbc should have issued a warning, no black clothing today.
And those poor babies that called mommy and daddy when they got arrested are in horrible conditions. Some group is calling it Gitmotoronto.
Why are these thugs the first to cry for 4 star treatment when they get in trouble.

Neo Conservative said...

"mary says... Some group is calling it Gitmotoronto."

more like "git-moron-to".